Affiliated Groups

The PWC provides mentoring, space, equipment and some financial support to a wide range of campus groups, including:


ASAP: Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention                                         

ASAP is a group of undergraduate and graduate students dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence on campus. ASAP hosts weekly discussions that include topics ranging from feminist and political theory to the media and US culture, as well as documentary screenings, speakers and other events. In the spring semester, ASAP plans and sponsors Take Back The Night, a campus-wide protest of  sexual violence and a survivor vigil.      

For more information contact: Caroline Ohlson at

Black Women's Graduate Association

Black Women’s Graduate Association

BWGA works to promote the visibility of black graduate women on campus and to strengthen the relationships between black women graduate students from all disciplines. They are devoted to providing a space that fosters well being, dialogue, scholarship, community and leadership development in the lives of graduate women of the African Diaspora at the University of Pennsylvania and beyond. 

For more information contact:

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Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault: MARS Formerly 1in4       

MARS is a men’s group deducated to using peer eduction to combat sexual violence. Every year, MARS facilitates conversations with all-male groups on and off-campus in order to raise awareness and educate about sexual violence within the Penn Community. MARS also presents to co-ed audiences when requested.

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OWN IT UPenn is a series of events, summits, and opportunities to motivate and connect young women everywhere.

For more information contact:


Penn Association for Gender Equity

P.A.G.E., the Penn Association for Gender Equity, promotes gender, social justice, and serves as an umbrella group for a diverse range of constituent organizations at Penn.

For more information contact: Curie Shim at 

Penn for Reproductive Justice

Penn for Reproductive Justice

A student-run group  focused solely on defending the reproductive rights of people worldwide.

For more information contact:


Penn Monologues                                                                                 

An annual production written and performed entirely by members of the Penn community and focused on gender, sex, identity, race, and truth-tellingPenn Monologues believes in the equality of all individuals, disclosure as a means of connecting through truth, and the end of violence.

For more information contact: Sanjana Bijilani at

Penn Women SPEAK

Penn Women SPEAK

Penn Women SPEAK is a community that discusses issues related to gender equity. All genders welcome.


PG WISE                                                                                                

An organization designed to enhance the graduate experience of women in science and engineering; to improve the environment of women pursuing careers in science and engineering; and to increase the representation of women in science and engineering at all levels of the University of Pennsylvania.

For more information contact:


Vagina Monologues                                                                               

The V-Day University of Pennsylvania College Campaign is one of the largest and most successful social justice movements on campus. V-Day UPenn has become the catalyst for mobilizing  women and men to heighten awareness of violence against women of all ages, as well as the force that empowers individuals and the public-at-large to bring that violence to an end. Each year, a diverse cast and crew help spread the message to thousands more throughout the greater Penn community.

For more information contact: Sanjana Bijilani at



A feminist publication accepting prose, poetry, academic writing, and other student submissions.

For more information contact:

Mujeres Empoderadas

Mujeres Empoderadas (M.E.) is a safe space inclusive to women who identify with the Latina and/or Hispanic cultural experience. 

For more information contact:

Parents @ Penn

P@P is a voluntary membership organization for parents and parents-to-bewho are staff, faculty, or students and their partners/spouses at the University of Pennsylvania. They share resources and provide support through an email list and organize workhops and social events to help build a nuturing community for parents at Penn.

For more information contact: Kendra

Penn Knitters

Group for anyone in the Penn community interested in knitting, crocheting, sewing & conversation.

For more information, contact

South Asian Women’s Space

South Asian Women’s Space

Founded in 2015, and located in the Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH), the South Asian Women’s Space is a peer-led space that provides respectful discussion and solidarity for South Asian women within the Penn community in an effort to promote identity exploration and learning/unlearning about aspects of our identities in a safe space. 

For more information contact: Vedika at

Sister Sister

Sister Sister

Sister Sister is a support group dedicated to fostering a sense of sisterhood and purpose among students who identify as women of color at the University of Pennsylvania. This communal purpose is fostered through facilitated discussions, personal sharing and networking, leadership development, and information and resource sharing. Sister Sister also works to inspire and fortify women of color during their collegiate journey by encouraging the development of substantial relationships with faculty, staff and alumni of color. 

Spice Collective

Spice Collective is a femme-centered discussion and organizing group for Asian Pacific-Islander Desi American non-men that provides a space for intersectional identity expoloration, especially through the lens of race and gender. They hold 1.5 hour discussions every week about various topics, from families to sexuality to organizing and activism.

For more information contact: Viraj at